Mastering the SAT and ACT

Test preparation is a vital part of our Comprehensive Admissions Plan.  While the emphasis on test scores may vary from school to school, the overall importance of scoring well on these tests remains constant.  The simple truth is that higher scores on these tests equates to many more options when it comes time to apply to college.  Since most colleges accept both the SAT and the ACT, Many students take both tests in order to increase their chances of receiving a favorable score.

In order to provide students with the most effective test preparation service in the nation, we have teamed with Method Test Prep, a comprehensive ACT/SAT preparation company with over fifteen years of experience working with hundreds of thousands of students all over the country. Method Test Prep’s self-paced online program utilizes video, audio and thousands of practice questions to thoroughly prepare students for college entrance exams. Founded by a Princeton University graduate, Method Test Prep provides high school students of all ability levels with the opportunity to learn at their own pace and provides detailed explanations of every answer, whether students got the questions right or wrong- Click Here to See the Method Test Prep Video Tutorial

Expert Test Preparation that is Affordable, Convenient and Proven to Work:

  • Method Test Prep’s online program features detailed preliminary assessments and two timed, full-length practice ACT and SAT tests that you can take whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you—day or night, at home or on the road.
  • Method Test Prep’s online program includes over 2,000 practice questions, and over 200 lessons that break the tests down into their component concepts for easier mastery.
  • Vocabulary Builder—Method Test Prep’s online program contains over 500 college level vocabulary words that you can master using on-demand quizzes.
  • Quiz on Demand—Students can ask the program to generate a random “quiz on demand” targeting the specific areas that they want to work on.
  • 24/7/365 Access—Method Test Prep’s online program is available on any internet-capable device (computer, tablet or phone).
    Method Test Prep’s online program regularly costs $499, but it is included as part of your College-Bound Consulting fees.

Click here for a specific description of each service along with discount prices.

“Method Test Prep helped me raise my SAT score 150 points! My score was high enough to qualify for many more scholarships than before. In fact, I’ve already been accepted into the college of my choice and have qualified for a merit scholarship.”—Michael student

Starter Package

5 hours of personal tutoring

Intermediate Package

10 hours of personal tutoring

Premium Package

15 hours of personal tutoring

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